On the NPA Quezon’s military action against the 85th IB in Catanauan

Press Statement

June 20, 2017


Reference Person: Jaime “Ka Diego” Padilla, Spokesperson

Melito Glor Command

New People’s Army Southern Tagalog



On the NPA Quezon’s military action against the 85th IB in Catanauan


The Melito Glor Command–New People’s Army Southern Tagalog extends its revolutionary greetings to the Apolonio Mendoza Command–New People’s Army Quezon for successfully launching its counter tactical offensive last June 18 in Brgy. Ajos, Catanauan, Quezon against elements of the 85th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army.


The firefight began at around 10:45 PM wherein 10 casualties were accounted on the side of the reactionary government forces. On the other hand, the Red fighters sustained none. Amidst the blatant defeat of the AFP, only 2 casualties, both of whom were corporals, were admitted by the reactionary government; another desperate attempt to cover up their inherent failure.


Prior to this, relentless offensive military operations against the NPA were conducted by 100 armed troops of the 85th IBPA for four consecutive days. Since June 15, numerous peasant communities in Brgy. Ilayang Ilog, Villa Nacaob, Sta. Elena, Mabini, and San Rafael in Lopez town were subjected to human rights abuses such as violent searches, interrogations and harassment that caused terror among the people.


Since Duterte’s all out war declaration last February, the military has conducted offensive actions against the revolutionary forces that has caused casualties on the side of the NPA. These military offensives have persisted and even intensified after the red alert status declaration of the Southern Luzon Command in the Southern Tagalog and Bicol regions. And the NPA’s action last June 18 was a response to military offensives by the 85th IBPA as a form of self-defense to defend the people and its ranks against further attacks by the AFP.


As true vanguards of the people’s interest, the NPA will continue with its active defense so long as the AFP persists in putting at risk the lives and interests of the Filipino people. With this, the MGC NPA – ST implores the Filipino people to continue its wide revolutionary support in forwarding the people’s democratic revolution. Only in its victory shall the people truly enjoy genuine peace and prosperity.


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